Blood For The Blood God! Skulls For The Skull Throne!

Two games of Dragon Rampant by Osprey Games! In a weird twist of fate they both happened to be the same scenario as well.

The 36 point retinue I used was based around Khorne Bloodbound figures from the Age of Sigmar starter by Games Workshop.

  • Lord Furiosa Vajazzle the Tumescent – Elite Foot with the special ability of Fear.
  • Two units of Blood Reavers  – Bellicose Foot
  • Two units of Blood Warriors – Bellicose Foot with shiny armour
  • One Khogorath – Greater Warbeast with cunning.

It isn’t a subtle retinue and the small number of special rules means it really easy to use. It’s all basically point and charge.

The first game was against Finny’s Orcs. Old Games Workshop lead orcs. It didn’t go well for the forces of Khorne and he must have been displeased with the result. I spread out too much so my units couldn’t support each other which I later realised was the way to play with bellicose foot units. As a result of piece meal attacks on my part the orc boar boys and skirmish troops were able to break apart my units.

Part of the Six of Six Challenge. 

Lord Vajazzle and the Blood Reavers.
Orc Boar and Wolf Riders
The Khorgorath
Blood Reavers moving forward
Lord Furiosa Vajazzle the Tumescent

The second game was against Ryan’s lovely Lord of the Rings figures. The majority of his force was mounted. And had ranged troops. So I was a in a similar situation as the previous game. However, I try and learn from my mistakes. The fight between the two army generals saw them mutually destroy each other. I managed to roll a double 1 which was the only thing I didn’t need for my general to run off! Ryan was also particularly unlucky when one of his units tried to evade my charging Blood Reavers but failed. The Blood Reavers wiped them out. Another unit did successfully evade but couldn’t outrun the Khorgorath who added their skulls to the Skull Throne. The game ended with me having one surviving unit of Blood Warriors left on the table and on their own they killed three enemy units.
Blood Reavers advance through some bad going.
Blood Warriors Charge Forward
Riders Of Rohan Skirt A Ruined Temple
Blood Reavers Prepare to Charge Cavalry
The Khorgorath Faces Down Riders of Rohan
Blood Warriors Try To Engage Skirmish Troops
The Forces Of Khorne Press Forward Despite Casualties.
The Khorograth Surrounded
Heroes of Rohan Challenge Khorne!


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