More Team Yankee!

Another three games are documented here for Battlefronts Team Yankee in 6mm. I’ve played a lot of it this year already and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. I’ve got US and Soviet forces and I’ve got friends with British and West German.

I’ve slowed down on the terrain making although I still think I need more hedges and walls. The hedges are made from green pan scouters stuck onto a wooden coffee stirrer and given a dry brush of green. The walls are thin strips of plastic are stuck onto wooden coffee stirrers although they are a bit lightweight so I’m rethinking how to do them. Fields are made from cork tiles covered in sand (for ploughed fields) and yellow flock (for wheat fields). The trees are made from balsa wood, clump foliage and cocktail sticks. I’ve acquired some buildings which need reprinting and such like so they are in the painting queue. Bizarrely I’ve only got 8 stands of US infantry to paint and I’m in no rush rush these as I don’t have the transport vehicles to put them in yet.

Part of the Six of Six – Team Yankee Game One of Six

Anyway, the pictures and reports.

Game one was 75 points of US armoured combat team attacking a dug in Soviet Motor Rifle battalion in the No Retreat scenario. This was the first game I’d played at this size and the different in the larger unit sizes was noticeable. M1 platoons had more ‘punch’ but were still fragile one they start losing tanks. The scenario ended with the US armour reaching one of the objectives after clearing out the defending infantry and surrounding it. However, the remaining Soviet armour was able to knock the US tanks out.

US forces advance towards the Soviet lines

US M1 Abrams and M113 transports

Soviet infantry dug in and protecting the objective.

A ruined town in West Germany defended by Soviet Infantry with transports close by.

Ambush! T-72 tanks engage US forces in the flank.

Soviet Shilkas open fire on M113 transports while the M1 Abrams move towards the objective.

30mm Cannon on BMP-2s engage US infantry.
Surrounded, the M1 hold stands alone against Soveit Armour.

Game two saw the same forces (I didn’t have a lot of options at this point) in an Encounter scenario. The Soviet armour surged across the table and knocked out the M1 tank platoons by blowing them and the remainder ran off. We played it through though as we were still learning the rules and trying out artillery. We had time for a second game so we left the table as it was and ended up playing the No Retreat scenario. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of this second game which was a shame as it was a much better game. The US defended and managed to hold off the attacking Soviets just because they defended in depth.

US lines on the right, Soviets on the left.
A large formation of Soviet T-72s.
US infantry and transports defend, unsuccessfully, the objectives.

Game three was – No Retreat! Again! However things had changed. I took a 100pt Soviet Tank Battalion against my mate Jason’s West Germans. This time we used aircraft for the first time. Specifically Hind helicopters. They flew on, fired some rockets  which did nothing and then got shot down. Otherwise the Soviet armour, two companies of 8 T-72 tanks rolled over the brittle West Germans.

Soviet armour advances from left to right towards the thin West German lines.
Soviet T-72 tanks advancing
Soviet Hind helicopters and Carnation artillery.

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