West Germany, 1985

Some photos of my first game Team Yankee from Battlefront. Rather than play at the Battlefront scale of 15mm our club, The October Wargames Association are using 6mm figures. All the ones here are from Heroics and Ros. This first game was only 50 points as we wanted to get the basic rules sorted before moving onto a larger game. The scenarios was Encounter between a US Armoured Combat Team and a Soviet Motor Rifle Battalion.

Part of the Six of Six – Team Yankee Game One of Six

The Soviet side of the battlefield.
Soviet T-72 tanks move passed a crashed A-10 Thunderbolt.
M1 Abrams cut through the thin armour of the Soviet BMP-2
Soviet BMP-2s engage US M113s with their 30mm cannon.
Soviet armour defend the objective from approaching US M1 Abrams.

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