Last year I had the crazy desire to play Dreadfleet by Games Workshop. I never played Man O’ War so didn’t have any preconceptions about Dreadfleet.

It is a game which is crazy. It’s a beer and crisps game rather than a tactical game and I have no problem with this. I think that many who bought Dreadfleet expected something like Man O’ War and because Games Workshop don’t advertise anything there were a lot of disappointed people when it was released.

Anyway, I picked up the game from eBay for about £50 and when it arrived I opened it and I was confronted with the vast number of plastic sprues. It was quite a daunting prospect to paint the whole lot and I knew it wasn’t going to be done quickly.

Fast forward to April 2016 and I finally finish painting everything. I won’t play a wargame with unpainted figures. So I was keen to play Dreadfleet after all this time. I also had a couple of mates willing to give it a go as well.

It was brilliant fun. We played through the first two scenarios from the rulebook and have decided to run them as the campaign. We are playing again next week so their will be more pictures to come. Here are a few from the first two games.

The Dreadfleet
The Grand Aliance
The Heldenhammer prepares to turn
The Bloody Reaver and the Heldenhammer exchange broadsides
The Bloody Reavers rams!
The path of the Heldenhammer is blocked by two sea monsters.
With the crew of the Swordfish trying to rescue their captain, the Heldenhammer defends it from the Bloody Reaver
The Curse of Zandri give The Heldenhammer a stern rake.



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