Grimdark Rampant

In December 2015 Opsrey Games released the latest in their little blue rule books. Dragon Rampant is a warband scale game by Daniel Mersey using the same rules as his Lion Rampant rules. I’m not going to go into the rules and how they work because I’m lazy and better people have written about them elsewhere on the Internets.

What occurred to me was that it was maybe possible to play Dragon Rampant using Games Workshops Epic figures, a range of figures of which I have quite a few. Over the years I have used them for two editions of Space Marine, Hordes of the Things and Future War Commander.

When looking at Grimdark Rampant what I wanted to do was to try and use my Epic range without having to make any changes to the rules of Dragon Rampant, except giving the Mixed Weapons ability to Heavy Foot for Devastator Space Marines. I’m all for fan made adaptations but sometimes the adaptations and extra rules are longer than the rules themselves. My philosophy, which I think came from playing a lot of Savage Worlds, to not try and replicate Space Marine or Warhammer 40,000 but just to capture the flavour.

The games we have played have all be 36 point games as this allows for 4-5 units a side and provides a good evenings game. We’ve also used the scenarios from Lion Rampant rather than the Dragon Rampant ones.

As for basing/ number of models, I’ve used whatever looks right. A group of three Stompas looks good for a unit, while one Gargant is enough. 12 stands of Eldar Guardians look quite impressive but for Space Marine Tactical units I just used three stands of marines and 3 Rhino transports. A unit of Land Raiders is just two models, a bike squadron is three stands. There are no hard or fast rules.

Below are some of the Epic unit types and their Dragon Rampant equivalent. They are based on the collections of figures I have so don’t include everything ever made or all of the 40K races. I’m not posting unit information because they are in the rulebook.


Warlock – Elite Foot, Wizardling (8 pts)

Guardians – Light Foot (3 pts)

Falcon Grav Tanks – Heavy Riders, Countercharge (5 pts)

Grav Bikes – Light Riders (4 pts)

Dreadnoughts – Lesser Warbeast, Flame Attack (6 pts)

Phantom Titan – Greater Warbeast, Flame Attack, Mystical Armour (10 pts)

Nobz – Bellicose Foot, Terrifically Shiny Armour (6 pts)

Boyz – Bellicose Foot (4 pts)

Buggies and Bikes – Light Riders, Short Range Missiles (3 pts)

Battle wagons – Heavy Riders (4 pts)

Stompas – Elite Riders, Mounted Missiles (8 pts)

Rokkits – Heavy Missiles, Weighty Projectiles (3 pts)

Gargants – Greater Warbeast, Flame Attack, Cunning (10 pts)


Space Marines

Land Raiders – Heavy Riders, Mounted Missiles, Chariots (7 pts)

Space Marines (Tactical) – Heavy Foot (4 pts)

Space Marines (Assault) – Heavy Foot, Offensive (6 pts)

Space Marine (Devastators) – Heavy Foot, Mixed Weapons (6 pts)

Bikes – Light Riders, Short Range Missiles (3 pts)

Landspeeders – Light Riders (4 pts)

Terminators – Elite Foot (6 pts)

Librarian – Heavy Foot, Wizardling (6 pts)

Whirlwinds and Vindicators – Heavy Missiles (4 pts)

Warlord and Reaver Titans – Greater Warbeast, Flame Attack, Cunning

Warhound Titan – Lesser Warbeast, Flame Attack (6 pts)


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